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More than one third of the World’s population is on social media, so, what else could be a great place for marketing, other than social media? As a premium Social Media Management Company in Delhi NCR, we draw traffic and attention towards your website through social media networks, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. When you choose us as your social media marketing agency, we will not only help you reach out to your potential customers fast, but also get their attention by posting engaging and viral social media posts.

Facebook Marketing

We take care of full fledged Facebook marketing for our clients. As one of the best Facebook Management company in Delhi, we take care of Creative Facebook posts, Videos, Carousels, Sponsored Posts, Events, Offers, Polls, and more. We also take care of complete Facebook Advertising.

Twitter Management

We are champions of managing Twitter. Being one of the best Social Media management company of Delhi, we know the best practices to increase followers on Twitter and post tweets that get most retweets and likes. We will put all these methods to work for you to rock your Twitter handle.

Instagram Management

We know best practices to manage Instagram. We know which hashtags to use, what type of text to add on images, and how to tag relevant followers to increase the virality of Instagram posts. We are also good at managing Instagram ads to get you best bang for your buck.

LinkedIn Management

A lot of Social Media management companies completely fail in LinkedIn management, but we are very good in it. We know how to increase connections to your company page on LinkedIn. We also know how to post blogs on LinkedIn to reach potential customers. And we can manage LinkedIn ads as well.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest is a powerful tool, if used right. And we know exactly how to get best results from Pinterest. We know which boards get more repins, and we also focus on creating boards that get direct traffic from search engines. Your Pinterest will grow leaps and bounds with with this best social media management company of Delhi.

YouTube Management

YouTube is not just a social network, it is also the third most popular search engine in the world. We publish videos that rank higher in search results, increase number of subscribers to your channels, as well as get links to your website. Our Video marketing team can create great videos for you or you can provide your own videos.

Frequently asked questions

Social Media Marketing is the art of interacting with your followers in bulk, all the while making them feel you are interacting with them one-on-one. Being one of the best Social Media Marketing company of Delhi, we know exactly how to do that. We know how to customize social media messages to users in such a manner that the message resonates with each user. This will make each of your social media user feel personally connected to your brand and will be like brand ambassador for your products and services, getting you free word of mouth publicity. Your followers will also become your referrers, boasting about you in front of friends and family, simply because you were able to interact with them in the right manner on social media.
Inklik knows exactly how to do that. We have managed social media pages of some pretty big brands, and know how to do it right. We are one of the trusted Social Media management agency of Delhi NCR, known for our deep knowledge and skills in bringing best to the social media marketing. We know right tools and techniques to be used to manage social media pages in Delhi in the best possible manner. We know what are the right time for postings on each social network to get the best reach as well as shares / retweets.

Apart from the proven techniques that we already know of, we also keep trying new things with each individual social media account to keep discovering new strategies that might bring even better results for each individual client. Being the premier social media management company of Delhi NCR, we keep pushing ourselves to the limit to ensure we are always coming with new strategies to get the best results on social media marketing.

At Inklik, we tailor social media marketing strategies for our clients, based on the product and services offered by them. This involves planning of content, curation of attractive and engaging creatives, regular dispatch of content on social media, and lots of coffee. Our team works days and nights to reach out to people on social media in a way that is different, but more effective than your competitors. Competitor tracking is one of the most important aspect while getting started with SMO. We closely track your competitors, their social media activities, what’s engaging audience, what’s not, and more. This ensures we can pick and choose the strategies that work and avoid the mistakes that your competitors are making.

We don’t just keep ourselves busy managing various social media activities. A good amount of time is also given to Analysis of these activities. We keep ourselves aware of the traffic earned through social media platforms. We have Google Analytics certified professionals in our team, who can cleverly go through Google Analytics reports to understand which type of social media activities are working best for a particular client. This helps us recognize some key points, which further enhance our experience with social media marketing.

Choosing apt social media platforms and strategizing content accordingly is of a great value. We identify the type of business our clients come to us with, and choose where most of their customers can be reached out. There are hundreds of social media platforms out there, and we choose the best ones for our clients to mark their presence and reach out to customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and many more, are where we actively post engaging contents. We also make sure the content is optimized according to different platforms for maximum impact. Presence on social media also helps in Search Engine ranking because increased engagements and shares definitely help a website rank in search engine results.

Paid Advertising on social media also comes under social media marketing. It is a means to strategically connect to your customers who aren’t already connected with you on social media. You can selectively target audience for your contents, based on interests, location, gender, age group, etc. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and almost all famous social media platforms offer paid advertising feature. As one of the best Social Media PPC company of Delhi, we know how to put up ads on these platforms and get maximum returns, ensuring a good Return on Investment for our clients. We have literally put hundreds of campaigns on social media and have got results at very low bid prices. We know exactly which type of campaigns to run on each social network, how to target campaigns to the potential customers, and how to optimize them to ensure you get best results for your money. We start by creating broad campaigns, and then keep narrowing them based on the results that your campaigns are getting. This ensures that targeting of your campaigns keep becoming better, and is completely driven from the data that your campaigns are generating. That’s like a Win-Win situation for you. Also, we keep launching new campaigns to target different niche of users, who might be a small group size, but could be big spenders for type of products and services that you are selling. We will keep doing all this at our end dynamically, utilizing advanced tools and techniques that we have mastered over the years. You will be able to see the dramatic results that your campaigns will be able to generate.

A lot of companies keep following the same strategy on social media. They just post some creatives and think their work is done. However, Social Media management needs a lot more attention and constant optimization. As one of the best social media management agency of Delhi, we constantly keep evaluating the results of our social media campaigns to analyse what is working best, what type of content is being liked and shared by followers most, and which type of content is generating most comments or questions from followers. Based on this analysis, we further keep optimizing the posts that we add to your social media channels to ensure each post is able to generate the best result, in line with your business objectives. For example, if you want your posts to generate more user comments or questions, we will optimize the posts exactly for that, by asking right questions, creating polls, or asking followers to tag others who might be interested in something like that. All this ensures that our posts get exactly the type of interaction you are looking for.

This is one of the questions we get asked the most. And our answer is that there is no size fit all answer to this. Depending on type of products or services that you are trying to sell, we pick the social networks that will work best for you. For example, if you are trying to sell products that look visually appealing, then we will go with social networks that work best for images. So, Instagram and Pinterest top the list in that case. If you have some product or service that involves some sort of demonstration, then we know we need to create videos to let users fully know about the products. And to market those videos, we go with social networks like YouTube, Facebook, etc. As one of the best social media management company of NCR, we are going to reflect on decades of our experience to pick the right social networks for you that will work best for your products and services. This ensures you get the best ROI and we do not spend our time going after social networks that are not a good fit for your brand.

This is another question that a lot of our clients struggle with when they come to us for social media management. They want to know what are the best times to post on social media networks. As the premier social media management company, we are well aware that the answer to this question depends on a lot of factors. First of all, best posting time is different for each social network. For social networks like Twitter and Facebook, we need to closely analyse what are the demographics of your followers, what is the time when most of them are online, and what times are generating most interaction with your posts. For example, in some cases, your followers might be online during late evening, after office hours, while in some cases your followers might be online during office hours only. We analyse all this to ensure we find the best posting time for your social media networks. Not only that, we also keep experimenting with different posting times to see if we are able to find some hidden gem in terms of posting time. In one case, we found that the most interaction our posts got were in the middle of the night! So, depending on what type of products and services you are selling and what type of users you are targeting on social media, the best posting time would vary a lot, and we will find the best posting times for you.

This is a very important aspect of social media marketing strategy. To keep a constant interaction with your social media followers, it is important to keep posting regularly on social media networks. However, the posting frequency has to be determined separately for each social network. For social networks like Facebook and Instagram, we strive to post twice a day. For Twitter, we post multiple times a day, because only a limited number of users are online at any given point in time. And for Whatsapp, we prefer to post only once a day or less, otherwise the users might start feeling that they are getting too many messages from you. So, depending on the social network that we are managing, we work out the ideal posting frequency accordingly, and make sure you get the best interaction, without alienating your followers. Being one of the most trusted social media management company, you can count on us for that.

Here is a quick summary of best practices that we follow in social media management:

  • We determine the posting frequency based on social network we are managing. Different posting frequencies work best for each social network.
  • We determine the best posting time based on your followers. We analyse when most of your followers are online and post accordingly.
  • We post type of content that works best for the products or services that you are selling. In some cases, we post awesome looking images, while in some cases we might create videos of your products, while in some cases we might post polls, events, etc.
  • We constantly analyse your social media networks to see what is working best for you, and then we refine that even further to further improve upon that.
  • We also keep a close watch on your competitors to see what type of social media strategies are working for them, and make sure not to make the same mistake that they might be making.
  • We are also very good at paid marketing on social media management, and can run paid campaigns on all social networks, like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • As one of the best social media management company of NCR, we determine which social networks will work best for your products and services, and then focus on them. We don’t want your money to go to networks that might not get you best results. We ensure best ROI for you.
  • Finally, we understand it is very important to interact with followers on social media, as they can act as your virtual brand ambassadors. Each happy social media follower will flaunt your brand in front of all the family and friends. So, we try to have a one-on-one connection with each of your social media follower.

So, whatever your social media marketing needs may be, you can count on us to provide you best social media marketing service. That is why we are one of the sought after social media marketing company of Delhi, NCR.

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