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Website For Doctors

Our Digital Marketing for Doctors starts by ensuring you have a great looking website that is fully responsive on mobiles / tablets / PC. Whether a simple website or a website that lets patients book an appointment, we are here to help. Already have a website? We can improve that as well.

SEO for Doctors

One very important aspect of Digital Marketing for Doctors is SEO. SEO for Doctors is a very important activity, which if done right, can bring in patients in long term from Google. We are experts in doing correct SEO for Doctors and know exactly how to find best correct keywords for doctors.

Social Media Marketing For Doctors

Social Media Marketing for Doctors can work wonders in connecting doctors with new potential patients. We help doctors build a bond with patients on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. by sharing informative images / videos related to healthcare.

Google Ads for Doctors

Google is very restrictive in terms of Google ads that can be done for doctors. Although Google Ads for Doctors are prohibited, we know the secret of running Google Ads for doctors. We run the Ads to promote Health tips and more to indirectly promote doctors.

Facebook Ads for Doctors

Facebook Ads for doctors have a great ROI. Facebook Ads can be used to promote posts, get likes on Facebook page, and also to run Advertisements for specific type of users. Facebook ads are great to target local patients or to reach farther and target patients for Telemedicine.

Informative Videos for Doctors

Grab attention of patients and others by sharing Videos that are full of information or share information with the help of informative and creative images, posters, brochures, illustrations, etc. Our highly creative team can create stunning videos for doctors for you and your clinic.

Online Marketing for Doctors

In today’s competitive scenario, it is very important for Doctors to market themselves, and Digital Marketing for Doctors is the best medium for that. Doctors can use online marketing to reach exactly the type of people that can be their potential patients.

In our Marketing Strategies for Doctors, we focus on:

Online Marketing for Doctors
Keywords research for website
Identify Demographics/

First and foremost, we identify target demographics and apt keywords to begin Digital Marketing for Doctors.

Website Setup for Doctors
Website Setup/SEO

Then we set up website for doctors that talks about the Doctor, Services Provided, Patient testimonials, etc. SEO is implemented using the identified keywords.

Social Media Setup
Social Media Setup

We establish presence of Doctor on Social Media. We create all the required graphics ourselves while doing Social media marketing for doctors.

Facebook Ads for Doctors
Facebook Ads for Doctors

Finally, we promote Doctor’s page and Social Media Posts for Doctors by running Ads on Facebook.

Frequently asked questions

We believe that Medical line is not untouched by Digital Marketing in today’s marketing scenario. We find it extremely important for doctors to consider the importance of online marketing for doctors, as more and more people are looking for information about medical conditions, doctors, and clinics online.

As people look for doctors according to their specialization, area, and ratings, we focus on creating a positive and informative online profile for doctors, so that more patients are attracted. Medical Marketing for Doctors includes creation of website for doctors / website for clinics, social media marketing for doctors, Google / Facebook ads for doctors, and more.

A major chunk of patients is taken away by renowned doctors, clinics, and hospitals, which people know through word of mouth. And the rest go to doctors, clinics, and hospitals who make use of digital marketing for doctors. So, where does this leaves a struggling doctor, trying to establish a name in the medical community and get new patients?

Internet may be an entertainment affair for many, but for those who can make use of its powers in a positive way, can reap its benefits for a very long period of time. With a perfect digital marketing strategy for doctors, it is possible for doctors to get new patients and establish value with their name.

We, at Inklik, have helped various doctors to achieve success by implementing digital marketing strategies for doctors that were perfect according to their specialty and location.

What are the important aspects of Online Marketing for Doctors that we follow?

A new website can be a game changer for practicing Doctors who are running their own clinic. The internet is taking over the world, and people look for each and every solution on the internet, which includes looking for Doctors to address health related issues. This makes a website for doctors a pressing need. An impressive website with all your information, along with healthcare services you provide, your address, photos from your clinic, etc. is bound to attract patients towards your clinic.

Inklik is one of the best agencies to design website for doctors in India. We specialize in creation of doctors personal websiteclinic websites, or websites for physicians. We can help you create a website that you had always imagined of; a simple yet responsive website that works on PCs, Tablets, and Phones equally well. With the website, you can also opt for impressive content for it, which will further increase your chances of attracting new patients for treatment.

SEO for Doctors is another very crucial part of Digital Marketing for Doctors. It is an important activity that every doctor’s website should imply. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for Doctors, also known as SEO for medical practices is a very comprehensive process that is carried out on the website as well as off the website. When done right, it can yield long term benefits by attracting patients from internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo search, etc. SEO for Doctors involves extensive Keyword research, and finding out the health keyword list related to your specialization which users in your area search the most. Based on the identified keywords, your website will be optimized and various off-webpage SEO activities will be carried out for an extended period of time. All of this effort will reflect on your website as it will begin to rank better in search results of Google and other search engines.

Blogging for Doctors is another activity that we carry out to fetch maximum traffic on your website, which will get you more patients. Although Medical Blogging is a part of SEO for doctors, it has a pretty different dimensions to it. It involves keyword research and creating informative blog content around the relevant health keywords. While carrying out Blogging for Doctors, one can create blogs around health tips, diseases, and other health related issues which lot of people will find useful.

Medical Blogging is a long term activity and we invest some of our most talented writers in it to create blog for doctors that can fetch more and more traffic on your website. The more traffic your website gets, more people will get to know about you, and your patient base will increase.

Social Media and Healthcare may not seem like a perfect combo, but is necessary. Social Media Marketing for Doctors is a very important part of Digital Marketing for Doctors. Doctors with good social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. meet more new patients than regular doctors. The reason being, most of the people out there use different Social Media Platforms actively, making medical social media marketing a necessity for doctors. It all sounds good and fun in the beginning for a doctor to individually handle their social media profile. Some of the doctors even start to maintain their social media profiles on their own. The problem arises when doctors do not get enough time to keep a track of what’s going on, as they get busy attending patients.

So, it is always a good option for doctors to hand over their social media profiles to agencies that specialize in digital marketing for doctors, which can effectively carry out social media marketing for doctors. We, at Inklik, not only handle social media for doctors, we also create social media marketing strategies for doctors to get maximum engagement from people. With increased engagement, more people will come to know about you, and your patient reach will eventually increase.

Facebook is where everyone is now a days. This undoubtedly makes it a social platform worth advertising on. We help run Facebook ads for Doctors through your business page. Facebook marketing for doctors helps, but it is a time consuming process and requires effort and patience to build a user base. This shortcoming can be quickly overcome with the help of Facebook Ads for Doctors.

We can help get likes on Doctors’ Facebook page, boost a Facebook post to make it reach to many people, etc. The best part about Facebook Ads for Doctors is that, you can target a specific audience based on demographics, such as, Age, Gender, Location, Interests, and more.

Google Ads for Doctors is a very critical subject among all the digital marketing companies present out there. Why? Google is very strict about healthcare PPC on its platform for certain genre of professionals, and one of them is Doctors. Although it is not allowed on Google to post ads for promotion of doctors, there are ways in which we can promote doctors. One of the most common ways to do so is by promotion of “health tips by doctors”. There are various other ways to run Healthcare PPC as well, but we do not want to spill our secret sauce here. So, let us get in touch to know more on Google Ads for Doctors.

People are resorting to watching videos instead of reading content. The reasons being, videos are fast, give more information in short period of time, the information is easy to remember, and of course, the availability of numerous videos on the internet to soak in information. This is the reason why Medical Video Marketing for Doctors has become as important as any other practices being followed in Digital Marketing for Doctors.

Our team of video editors have expertise in Medical Video Marketing for Doctors to create informative and illustrative videos. We deal with medical videos for social media as well as videos that you can run at your clinic.

Patient Testimonials for Doctors are necessary now a days. With the advent of the internet, people have become more aware than ever. They take each and every step very carefully, and same applies while looking for a doctor online. That is why, we help you curate testimonials from your customers and present them in such a way, they will leave a positive impact on the patients looking at your profile or on your website.

Based on your choice, you can either go for Textual Testimonials or Video testimonials for Doctors. Whatever the case be, the testimonials are going to work for you positively, and you can put them on your social media pages on your YouTube channel, or on your website.

is a process in online marketing for doctors which is ignored by most businesses as well as doctors. This could be because of ignorance or merely because of lack of knowledge. No matter how clichéd Local Business Listings may sound, they are important part of Digital Marketing for Doctors and should be included in every digital marketing strategy for Doctors. A profile on relatable listing websites can help you a lot to be known in your locality. In fact, Local Business Listing should be the first and foremost step in Online Marketing for Doctors. Dedicated listing websites for Doctors, such as Practo and Lybrate are some of the sites a doctor should begin with. Apart from these, profiles on general listing websites, such as JustDialSulekha, etc. also help a lot.

Simply adding your profile on these listing websites do not help in the best way with digital marketing for doctors. You need to do it right. We, at Inklik, will help you create your profiles on these websites with appropriate keywords and optimize them in a way that it profits other digital marketing activities as well, and you make the most out of it.

Creating a Google Business Page for Doctors is another important activity included in digital marketing for doctors. By creating a Google Business Page or Profile of your clinic, you are telling Google that your clinic exists, by what name it exists, where exactly on map it exists, what are your working days and hours, what is your speciality, and more. In turn, Google shows your profile in their search result whenever people look for a doctor in your area. You also get to add your doctor’s website link in your Google Business Profile.

As a crucial part of digital marketing for doctors, we help you setup your Google Business profile as well. Google sends physical mail to your address with verification credentials. Carrying out all these activities is something you do not have to worry about when you connect with us. We take care of it all to create a standard Google Business Page for you.

At times, creating a Google Business Profile of your clinic can be a game changing marketing strategy for doctors if no doctor in the area have registered their profile on Google.

You could also be competing with many doctors in your area with your Google Business Profile. In such situations, what works the best is reviews and ratings. Google prioritises Google profiles based on the rating and reviews left by customers (in your case patients). The better your profile rating and reviews are, the foremost you will show up in Google Business Listings when people search for doctors in your area; thus, more business.

When all of the online marketing activities for doctors mentioned above are carried out in sync with each other, they can provide incredible results and will carry you more and more patients.

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