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10 Big Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Small Business

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One of the most popular social media platforms, Pinterest is a web-based pinboard where people can browse from books and bikes to travel and food. More people are now using Pinterest than ever. The audience is getting bigger every day. Do you wonder why? The Pinterest craze is all about getting new insights. So, does that make marketing with Pinterest the hottest trend of 2020? Absolutely! It has become the new way for small businesses to showcase their products and services, only when you execute the right strategies. The real strength of Pinterest marketing strategies can jazz up your business from small to great. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to the 10 best marketing strategies for small business to triumph on Pinterest. 

Pin often and consistently

Rather than filling up the entire board with too many pins in one go, we’d suggest you to post one every day, especially when you are a beginner. It will be an awesome idea to pin when a good chunk of your audience is online. Observe the hours and days you hit the most engagement. Then create a pinning schedule. Consistency of pinning and a strategic schedule are the best marketing strategies for small business.

Create share-worthy attractive content 

As one of the top Pinterest marketing strategies, if your content is boring, nothing can save you. When your words fail to grab your audience, they are likely to click away. So, without any doubt, great content stands out and great stuff gets shared. Fantastic visuals and awesome copies make good pins. To sell your product in the best way, use enticing words and stories that relate well with your audience, urging them to learn more about you.

Develop a strong content strategy

Writing attractive content is one thing but driving a Pinner to become a buyer is another thing. Even the best of the best marketing strategies for small business may not tell you that writing good content and developing a strong content strategy are two different things. We agree that the content should be enticing. However, your content strategy should be such that it reconnects with the already engaged Pinners. So to say, it should interest the reader and make him take a decision to act.


Get Pinners to follow you

Here we introduce the fifth of the 10 best Pinterest marketing strategies for small business. More followers mean more credibility and more growth in your business. So, give the Pinners a reason to follow your Pinterest board. Marketing with Pinterest requires you to be active and engaging to build a smart feed, only then can you connect with the followers. 

Optimize Pinterest pins for SEO

Optimizing your pins for SEO is the coolest of Pinterest marketing strategies of 2020. Simply put, Pinterest is a visual search engine, and that too powerful one. So, it may not be right to underrate its capability to drive traffic to your website. As many as 100 million users search new content on Pinterest, based on what they like. So, they should be able to discover your pins with ease. This is where SEO optimisation can help you. By optimizing your Pinterest pins, you will optimise your presence and easily get discovered by users.


Target Pinterest ads for better results

Marketing with Pinterest ads can promote your business in the most effective way. Pinterest ads can set you up for success in surefire ways with meaningful campaigns. You can target your ads to reach the right set of audience. When interesting ads are visible to the targeted audience, chances are that they will give in to your services. Pinterest marketing gets better with the five types of ads this search engine offers: awareness, engagement, traffic, promoted app pin and video awareness. Each one of these will make your pins available to the right audience.

Make shopping easy with ‘shop the look pins’

People often turn to Pinterest for inspiration. If they want a new look, they’ll search for trendy clothes. And with shop the look pins, they can easily make a purchase. This is an amazing feature that links a Pinner to a website. A huge number of Pinners love to shop. By utilizing this feature of Pinterest, you can make it easy for Pinners to reach your website and buy products or services. 

Plan ahead for seasons and holidays

If you think local marketing strategies will help you capture more leads, think again. Going by the latest Pinterest marketing strategies, continuing with the usual tactics everyday won’t really help you in the long run. It’s worth wondering why brands are earning a lot with end of season sales and holiday discounts. Seasonal deals really excite people, getting people to repin your content. So, marketing with Pinterest will benefit you the most around seasons and holidays, particularly the big days. Considering these as big opportunities, plan ahead with innovative ways and you’ll surely see an uplift in your sales.


Create fresh pins with fresh ideas

If you want your pins to be found really quickly, then this is the practice you should adopt. Just like the new blogs get the most priority, new pins make way to big engagement. You’ll be pleased to know that Pinterest favours fresh pins with fresh content. Redesigning your pins will be an easy way to do this.

Use descriptive hashtags for pins

And now we reveal one of the most result-oriented Pinterest marketing strategies. Just like Instagram, hashtags play a cool role when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Adding hashtags makes it easy to view a feed of pins that share that hashtag. When you add well-researched hashtags to the description of your pin, the Pinners will find your products too. Inserting a hashtag demands you to be clear and specific. The best thing would be to include not one but several hashtags relating to your products or services. 


So, these are the best marketing strategies for the small business to grow with Pinterest. With a dash of creativity and thinking outside the box, you’ll achieve big sales soon.

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